The Promise of Sunsets

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ISBN: 9781457537691
220 pages

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High school English teacher Abigail Brennan-DiBlasi can’t imagine life without her husband Joe. After 25 years of marriage and four children they can finish each other’s sentences, but their once vibrant and loving union is disintegrating. It seems fear has replaced love as the emotion that keeps them together and their bitter verbal battles make Abby long for something else. As she watches the sunset through the maple tree in her backyard, she feels the sunset is beckoning her to another life and she fantasizes about a man who is Joe’s opposite.


About Elizabeth Dolan-Cancian

This is the first novel for Elizabeth Dolan Cancian who began writing short stories and poetry in high school. She studied at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro and worked as an administrative assistant before putting her career aside to raise her four children.



Once again, talking turned into shouting. Each of them lobbed acerbic, angry words that crashed like thunder. She ran up the stairs and shut the bedroom door, leaning heavily against it, but the fury followed, seeping under the doorway. She opened the door and yelled back at him. Her husband roared one last time; then, finally, silence fell.


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