Excerpt from Chapter Four

The Promise of Sunsets by Elizabeth Dolan-Cancian

Excerpt from Chapter Four:

Abby made eggs and cheese with toast for the kids and Joe and
then hurried out the door to meet Kiersten with the mystery gift
in hand. The friends had met at the community college several years
ago. It wasn’t friendship at first sight. Kiersten had that aloofness that
Germans are believed to possess, and Abby had been bubbly and congenial,
looking to make friends. Abby appeared silly, always a witticism
on her lips, and not particularly intellectual. Kiersten was
studious and scholarly. They were also physically opposite. Kiersten
was nearly six feet tall, thin, blonde, and blue-eyed; Abby was a
smidge under 5’4’, with brown hair and golden brown eyes, and overweight.
But after a few classes in World Literature and insightful commentary
from Abby, not to mention high marks from the professor for
her essays, Kiersten realized she may have misjudged the high-spirited
younger woman. A few lunches and meaningful philosophical discussions
later, they had become friends.

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