Excerpt from Chapter Five

The Promise of Sunsets by Elizabeth Dolan-Cancian

Excerpt from Chapter Five:

“Merry Christmas!” Joe bellowed gleefully as he opened the
front door. Abby’s brother, Patrick; his husband, Ben; and
their children, Cassie, twelve, and Adam, eight, ambled through the
door, arms laden with packages. Dressed in the firefighter outfit he had
gotten for Christmas, Adam charged into the living room, hose in hand,
looking for a fire to extinguish.

“Look what I got for Christmas,” Joe said as he danced across the
floor, adding a jeté for emphasis.

“Your foot is healed! Praise the Lord!” Patrick said as he hugged his

“He’s been doing that dance for everyone that’s come through the
door, except for the jeté. He saved the best for last,” Abby explained.

“You look fabulous, dahling,” Ben remarked as he kissed her hand.
Patrick smiled at his little sister and could see the tension on her face
that even her widest smile couldn’t mask. “It will be a wonderful Christmas,
just like it is every year. Don’t worry,” he whispered into her ear as
he kissed her on the cheek.

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