Excerpt from Chapter Six

The Promise of Sunsets by Elizabeth Dolan-Cancian

Excerpt from Chapter Six:

By the time she got home, the sky was sunless and the maple tree
with its empty branches stood stoically against the black sky. She
missed those moments with the fading evening light. She loved sunsets,
with their explosion of vibrant color applauding a day’s completion.
With the fleeting daylight hours of wintertime, however, she often
missed the applause when she returned home.

After she completed grading her ninth graders’ essays, which now
looked liked they’d been bludgeoned by a red pen, Abby decided to call
her childhood friend Isabella. Abby and Isabella had been friends since
they were eight years old. It was unclear what held together the friendship
that had been challenged by distance and diametrically opposite
tastes in just about everything ranging from men to relationships, politics,
clothes, music, food, recreational activities, and whatever else one
can have an opinion about, but despite their differences, they were kindred
spirits—a duo like Laverne and Shirley, Cagney and Lacey, or Rizzoli
and Isles. They were there for each other, always, unequivocally,
without question, and without judgment, regardless of how differently
they viewed the world. One thing they had in common was their inability
to shake the growing discontentment with their lives. Both felt powerless
to do anything meaningful to change their situations.

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